It was a while in the making but this Pandemic-delayed celebration was a hit in every way. As everyone entered the Riverview they were encouraged to stop at the Step-and-Repeat backdrop to let the paparazzi snap a few shots. The music theme was proudly displayed during cocktail hour with remnants […]

Chloe-Palooza: A Bat Mitzvah Party With a ...

With restrictions mostly lifted it was time to get the mitzvah season into full swing with Jenna’s dance-themed Bat Mitzvah party. The Twin Hills Country Club in Massachusetts made for a wonderful setting and the spring weather cooperated perfectly for our outdoor celebration. The light-up stage by Boppers Events added […]

Jenna’s Get On Up and Dance Bat ...

New England Late Fall Wedding
There are times in my job when all the pieces just fall into place. This was one of those occasions. And it’s not hard to see why. Take a beautiful, historic New England home, complete with bountiful flower gardens and a secluded pond, a handsome and vibrant wedding couple, with […]

Abbie & Justin: A Beautiful Late Fall ...

New England Wedding by the Water
From the moment I met these wonderful people, I knew this was going to be a labor of love and that we would put on a wedding celebration befitting their class and style. The day started with preparations for the first look, complete with a bejeweled dachshund, a gorgeous wedding […]

Kerry and Derrick’s Classic New England Wedding ...

Tarah & Jordan's Fabulously Fun Fall Farm Wedding
During this time of unprecedented pandemic pandemonium, it’s so nice to see there’s still the opportunity for a fabulous, fun and free-flowing wedding celebration. Ok, enough of the wordplay, let’s get this party started and look back at Tarah & Jordan’s fall farm wedding, starting off, of course, with the […]

Tarah & Jordan’s Fabulously Fun Fall Farm ...

Who says you can’t bring the party to the beach, even when you’re on dry land, your dance floor is a grass field and you’re dealing with a global pandemic that kept many would-be party-goers from attending in person. Plan-it Vicki, together with a wonderful, creative family, combined to give […]

Because She’s Abbie: A Beachy Bat Mitzvah ...

When a young couple has their plans upended by the Coronavirus Pandemic and they turn to me for help, what do I do? I turn their dreams into magic and create the most perfect wedding they’ll remember the rest of their lives. Enjoy this look back at Chris and Audrey’s […]

Audrey and Chris’s Connecticut River Wedding

I’ve done baseball-themed mitzvahs before, but this one was extra special. Maybe it was the mitzvah boy and his family, whom I adore, or the venue, which was lovely, or the way everything came together, but this party was a hit in every sense of the word! Upon entering the […]

Batter Up: Ari’s Yankees-themed Bar Mitzvah Party

From the beginning of the planning process I knew this was going to be a special party. The mitzvah girl and her family made it clear they wanted it all, and in the end, I think they got that, and more! Let’s try to capture all that was Camryn’s Perfect […]

Camryn’s Perfect 10 Gymnastics-Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

It was my honor to help coordinate an amazing night celebrating Art and Philanthropy at the Amistad Center for Art & Culture at Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford. The theme of the event was Afrocosmologies, corresponding with the Center’s ongoing exhibit of the same name. Guests entered the […]

The Star Gala: A Night of Giving ...

When your mitzvah is just a few days away from Halloween why not make it a costume party that your family and friends won’t soon forget! This was not your usual Bar Mitzvah celebration. As guests arrived at The New Haven Country Club to “Trick or Treat” they were greeted […]

Dylan’s Halloween Mitzvah Mash

Fall Themed Bat Mitzvah
There is nothing more beautiful than New England in the Fall. For Jordan’s Bat Mitzvah I was invited to show off all of the colors of the season while celebrating this wonderful young lady. As guests arrive they were greeted with a display of real apples with green leaf cutouts. […]

Jordan’s Fall-Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

Movie Ticket Escort Cards
What do you get when you mix a fantastic setting with great food, a wonderful family and a composed and theatrical mitzvah boy? Well, you wind up with Aidan’s Major Motion Mitzvah on the Hudson and what a celebration it was! Xaviars x2o on the Hudson was the setting for […]

Aidan’s Major Motion Mitzvah on the Hudson

Light-up Letters
It’s always wonderful when a party plan comes together and even more so when a girl you’ve known since preschool turns 16 and you’re able to help make her celebration perfect in every way. Welcome to Sarah’s Sweet 16 party at The Delamar West Hartford. It was a night no […]

Sweets, Color & Surprise: Sarah’s Sweet Sixteen

Sometimes the simplest themes are the best as was the case with the wonderfully colorful Bat Mitzvah party we planned at the Golf Club of Avon. Enjoy reliving with us Marisa’s Outdoor Rose Gold & Blue Bat Mitzvah. Party guests were seated “family style” in large tables where everybody could […]

Marisa’s Outdoor Rose Gold & Blue Bat ...

Miranda & Jesse: A Most Perfect Wedding Celebration
From start to finish this was the perfect wedding. The beautiful bride, the handsome groom, the supportive and warm families, the great venue, the coordinated vendors, everything went according to plan. I’m so grateful to have been welcomed into this wonderful couple’s world and to have played a small part […]

Miranda & Jesse: A Most Perfect Wedding ...

It really makes the planning process easy when a creative boy turns his special day into a multi-sport, fun-filled celebration where the theme left no doubt who was number one. Welcome to Charlie’s starting lineup: A No. 1-themed Bar Mitzvah party! Guests arrived at West Hartford Town Hall to find […]

Charlie’s Starting Lineup: A No. 1-themed Bar ...

Nathan's Famous Coney Island-themed Bar Mitzvah Party
Combine an aptly named suburban New York boy with a fun-loving, dance-crazy group of family and friends, a kickass DJ, great food and a wonderful venue and you get Nathan’s famous Coney Island-themed Bar Mitzvah Party. Guests arrived at The Rock Club and knew right away they were in for […]

Nathan’s Famous Coney Island-themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Jake Me Out to the Ballgame: A base-ketball Bar Mitzvah Party!
What better way to celebrate a young man’s coming of age than to combine his two favorite sports, basketball and baseball into one heck of a party! Welcome to Dunkin’ Donuts Park in Hartford where we are Jake-ing out the ball game with a truly wonderful family. This party was […]

Jake Me Out to the Ball Game: ...

Rachel's Pop Music Bat Mitzvah Party
When a teen girl is really into pop, then why not go all out with an upbeat musical theme to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah? This is Rachel’s party, complete with all the musical fixins, minus the groupies. The tables for cocktail hour were adorned with centerpieces made of sheet music […]

Rachel’s Pop Music Bat Mitzvah Party

A Patriots Fan's Gotham Bar Mitzvah
You won’t find too many Patriots fans in the big city choosing an historic church for their Bar Mitzvah, but this is not your average kid, and this was not your average celebration! Enjoy reliving Ezra’s Patriots-themed Bar Mitzvah party. The evening began with a lovely and intimate Havdalah service […]

A Patriots Fan’s Gotham Bar Mitzvah

The One Where Marley Has a Friends Bat Mitzvah Party
I, like most millennials, was a big fan of the sitcom ‘Friends’. So, when a return client told me her Gen Y daughter wanted to have a ‘Friends’ party for her bat mitzvah, well, hey, count me in! Upon entering the venue, friends and family found their place cards, which introduced […]

The One Where Marley Has a ‘Friends’ ...

Get Down With Talia: Live, Love, Dance Bat Mitzvah Party
What little girl, obsessed with dance, would not love a Bat Mitzvah party filled with life, love and, of course, dance? Well, NOT this one! So let’s get ready to two-step into Talia’s “Live, Love, Dance” Bat Mitzvah party! After glide-stepping into the venue partygoers were struck by these classy […]

Get Down With Talia: Live, Love, Dance ...

Allie's Purple & Silver Bat Mitzvah Party
If you’re a fan of purple and silver then you’d love this little shindig I threw at The Farms Country Club in Wallingford, CT. The bold color scheme helped set the mood from the start as purple cake pop place cards greeted guests as they arrived. They, of course, were tied […]

Allie’s Purple & Silver Bat Mitzvah Party

Hollywwood Themed Bat Mitzvah Party
We pulled out all the stops for this wonderful Bat Mitzvah party held at Infinity Hall in downtown Hartford. And as with any premiere, the action starts with a red carpet and a visit to the step-and-repeat area to pose for the paparazzi. Ellen was resplendent in her finest white formal […]

Tallywood: A Major Motion Mitzvah Event

Apple Technology-Themed Bar Mitzvah Party
What teenager doesn’t love electronics and Apple products?  With this party, I tried to tech it up a bit with a little Apple and a lot of glow-in-the-dark. As the guests arrived they were greeted by a table of glowing objects. The adults had their table assignment printed on cubes that […]

Apple Technology-Themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Oktoberfest Celebration 1
We were so lucky to have the most beautiful weather for this Oktoberfest Celebration hosted by MTU Aero Engines at Wickham Park in Manchester, Connecticut. Traditional colors of blue and white were used throughout the party to help create the Oktoberfest look. Cocktail tables were draped with checkered linen… And seasonal […]

Oktoberfest Celebration – A Corporate Event

Garden Themed Pre-wedding Dinner at Barcelona Wine Bar
One of my favorite places to go out to eat with my family is Barcelona Wine Bar in West Hartford,Connecticut. It was even chosen by my boys for their “last meal” before we dropped them off atcollege.  The venue is fantastic for a meal out but also does wonderful private events.  […]

Pre-Wedding Dinner at Barcelona Wine Bar

Art Themed bat Mitzvah Party 1
I was so excited to do this theme and party. There are so many little decor elements to bring this event to life and I am so glad I can share some of them on this blog. As guests arrived at the Golf Club of Avon they were greeted by a sign […]

Art-Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

Beach Themed Party
This party was for a twin boy and girl, celebrating their special day together.  It was important to have a color scheme that suited them both while agreeing with the beach theme.  We chose different shades of blue. As soon as the guests arrived at the Golf Club of Avon they were […]

Beach-Themed B’nai Mitzvah

Board Game-themed Bar Mitzvah Party
This party had a completely different feel than your usual crazy dancing, loud music type of mitzvah. The main focus was what the man of the hour likes to do and how to make the adults and young adults enjoy the party together.  The theme was games. Everywhere you looked […]

Board Game -Themed Bar Mitzvah Party

B'nai Mitvah Party
This was such a beautiful event and I really enjoyed working with this family to bring their vision to life. Parker is 13 and Chloe is 12 and the family thought it would be wonderful to do their mitzvahs together. We picked a color scheme of navy, coral, and gold […]

Parker and Chloe’s B’nai Mitzvah Party

Basketball Themed Bar Mitzvah Party
This party was at an amazing venue and restaurant, Barcelona Wine Bar in West Hartford, Connecticut. There was very little I had to do to ‘dress up’ the joint and the food was out of this world, matching the theme and spirit of the event and the date, Cinco de […]

Ethan’s Basketball-themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Gatorade Themed Bar Mitzvah Party
Coming up with a theme was not an easy task for this mitzvah. The bar mitzvah boy has many athletic talents, but really enjoys swimming and cross country running. So, how do you combine these two athletic endeavors? Well, you do tend to drink Gatorade for both, right? Thus, a theme was […]

Gatorade-Themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Garden Themed Bat Mitzvah Party
Spring is finally here and what better way to kick off the season than by having a garden-themedparty! The weather was just perfect which allowed the adults to enjoy the outdoor cocktail hour whilefeasting on the delicious Pond Inside the younger guests were partaking in a scavenger hunt (for which I may […]

Garden-Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

Glow-in-the-dark Themed Bar Mitzvah Party 1
This was such a cool theme and the photos don’t truly do it justice. As soon as the guests arrived they could see this was going to be a fun party and all were excited to celebrate with the Bar Mitzvah boy at Great River Golf Club. The adults had place cards […]

Glow-In-The-Dark Themed Bar Mitzvah Party