40 Years Loved - A Surprise Birthday Party
  Planning a party has many different moving parts and details to figure out. You have to pick a venue,food, entertainment, color scheme, invitations, centerpieces, and so on. Making it a surprise adds even another layer. I was planning this beautiful, special party for someone I have never met (the birthday […]

40 Years Loved – A Surprise Birthday ...

Old World Themed Bar Mitzvah
  This was not my typical bar mitzvah to plan and it was an enjoyable change! Nowhere to be found were my usual giant foam board centerpieces with logos everywhere you looked, or a basket of socks that matched the color scheme. There wasn’t a stocked candy bar that would make […]

Charming Old World Bar Mitzvah Celebration

Florida themed Bar Mitzvah Party 2
The Bar Mitzvah boy, David, was born in Florida so the family decided a Sunshine State theme would be great for his Connecticut party.  As guests arrived they were greeted by a giant sign announcing that Florida was the birthplace of this wonderful bar mitzvah boy.   Guests picked up […]

Florida Themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Music Themed Bat Mitzvah Party 2
  I truly enjoyed thinking of different ways to convey a music-themed party. Not only was I going to show photos of different artists but I hoped to depict how we listened to music over the years. Whether is was a vinyl record or a CD, these different music formats were […]

Music Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

Launch Trampoline Park Bar Mitzvah Party
  This was my first time doing a party at Launch Trampoline Park in Hartford, Connecticut and I jumped right in to do my best to make it a fantastic party. We closed the park to the public and had this fun venue to ourselves. The kids, of all ages, had a […]

Launch Trampoline Park Bar Mitzvah Party

Multi-Sports Themed Bar Mitzvah Party
  I had a ball working with this family planning their son’s Multi-Sports Themed Bar Mitzvah Party. They were great and made me feel like part of the team.  Even the dog greeted me with love when I dropped off some stuff to the house.  Jack, you are a wonderful young man […]

Multi-Sports Themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Elegant Beach Themed Bat Mitzvah
  I enjoyed everything about planning this Bat Mitzvah.  The guest of honor had a true vision of how she wanted things to look and she has fantastic taste.  It was like planning the decor for a wedding (remember me in years to come Alison to plan your special day)! […]

Elegant Beach Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

Bakery Themed Bat Mitzvah Party
I love to bake. My mom was a fantastic cook and baker. Her cheesecake recipe was legendary which I am proud to say I have mastered. I used to sell my creations years ago and when invited for dinner to friend’s my desserts are usually my ticket to get in […]

Bakery Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

Dolphin Themed Bat Mitzvah Party
  Lucy loves dolphins and I tried to bring that joy and love to her Bat Mitzvah party. The saying of the night was “Let the Fin Begin!” and as guests arrived at the Golf Club of Avon everyone was ready to dive in and celebrate this wonderful girl.   […]

Dolphin Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

Old Hollywood Movie Themed Bat Mitzvah Party
  One of my favorite things in the whole world is watching movies.  I try to see everything that is up for the Academy Awards and make my present-day picks, but there is something special about the great movies of the past and Old Hollywood. This bat mitzvah took us back to golden era of […]

Old Hollywood Movie Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

NBA Draft Themed Bar Mitzvah Party
  Sports themed bar mitzvah parties are very popular and I do many of them but I try my darnedest to make each event look and feel different. My latest was an NBA Draft Themed party. As soon as guests arrived they were greeted by a large sign announcing that […]

NBA Draft Themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Sparkle Themed Bat Mitzah
(photo credit by the great Justin Schwalbendorf from Get the Picture Productions)   To make a giant gym filled with over 200 people look like a purple and pink Sparkle-Themed Bat Mitzvah party is no easy task but I did my best to make it happen by incorporating a few different elements. I […]

Sophie’s Sparkle-Themed Bat Mitzvah

Graduation Party
  I was lucky enough to be the event planner for a wonderful girl and neighbor I’ve known since she was a first grader. To watch her grow up before my eyes was amazing and it was truly my honor to help plan this special celebration.     I chose some beautiful […]

Maeve’s Graduation Party – Class of 2016

Baseball Themed Bar Mitzvah
  Right after the morning service the guests walked through the lobby of the temple and were greeted with beautiful flowers and a fresh color scheme of navy, lime green, and white. Everything looked and felt like spring.     As the partygoers walked toward the ballroom they picked up […]

Spring/Baseball Themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Soccer Themed Bat Mitzvah Party
  Guests were greeted by two billboards of the Bat Mitzvah girl as they walked the red carpet into The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts. These posters featured the young soccer star.       Once the guests entered the building they picked up their place card which were […]

Soccer Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

    What do you do when your huge college basketball fan is having his Bar Mitzvah party during the night of the men’s Final Four?  Have it at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame with a Final Four theme and stream the games during the party to make everyone happy. As guests […]

Final Four Themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Broadway Themed Bat Mitzvah Party
As soon as guests walked through the door of the venue it was as if they were transported to a theater for the grand opening of a Broadway show. First they walked the red carpet.     Once they made their way through the entrance they were greeted by a display […]

Broadway Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

Hosting a get-together for the big game? Here is the playbook for sure-to-win decorations and yummy eats. Start with a menu that is sure to please the entire team. Choose food that everyone will enjoy and display the menu so they will know the lineup. Make a lot of the food […]

Super Bowl Party

  This amazingly fun gathering is inspired by a great little hangout on Bloor St West in Toronto called Snakes and Lattes. I have taken the general premise of the place and brought it inside so that your family and friends can get out of the winter cold and enjoy […]

Chutes and Lattes – Game Night

One of the easiest ways to entertain for Thanksgiving is to have a large buffet with all the yummies laid out for your guest to serve themselves.  Here is the Art and Science of the Thanksgiving Buffet.     DISH LIST Layout your serving platters and pieces a day ahead […]

The Art and Science of the Thanksgiving ...

  Casual entertaining in your home makes perfect sense as the weather gets cooler. Friends can come back to your house, hang out, chat and warm up after the big game, trick or treating, or apple picking. Menu chili toppings (sour cream, cilantro, grated cheddar, salsa) salad with ranch dressing […]

Easy Fall Gathering

  For Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah she wanted to include her favorite things — books.  So Rachel’s favorites became the theme of her celebration.     As guests arrived they were greeted by a giant book with Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah logo on a table full  of book marks.     Each table was a […]

Book Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

Sign for Wedding Reception
  For this beautiful wedding it was very important for the bride to be married at her “happy place”. This was Cream Hill Lake in West Cornwall, Connecticut where she spent her summers as a child.     I was very lucky to have Events by Amy do the wonderful […]

Rustic Lake Wedding

  I love to have family and friends over for any holiday. I have found doing a lunch or brunch is one of the easiest ways to entertain. Give a start and end time for this type of event. People may be coming and going at different times.     When picking […]

Rosh Hashanah Lunch

  Having any kind of party needs some kind of planning. Today, I am having a young girl’s Tea Party. I know many of you are trying to find different fun ideas for birthday parties or just a fantastic way for your little ones to spend time with friends — […]

The Perfect Old Fashioned Tea Party for ...

  What to do for a High School/College Graduation Party? Plan-it like Vicki.     The first thing to figure out is who do you want to invite and then what to serve. I want it easy and fun. A food truck is a fantastic way to throw a party at your house. […]

Graduation Party

Google napkin ring 4
  A blue glow was everywhere for this fun Swim Themed Bar Mitzvah Party.  It is amazing what lighting can do to help create a mood and look for an event.  I wanted this one to look like blue water was everywhere.     To help create the look of this party […]

Swim Themed Bar Mitzvah Party

    Pink and green polka dots were everywhere at this beautiful preppy Polka Dot Themed Bat Mitzvah Party at the Simsbury Inn in Simsbury, Connecticut.     As the adults arrived they were invited to Evergreen’s Restaurant for cocktails. There they had some nibbles and where able to get their place […]

Polka Dot Themed Bat Mitzvah Party