Board Game -Themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Board Game-themed Bar Mitzvah Party

This party had a completely different feel than your usual crazy dancing, loud music type of mitzvah.
The main focus was what the man of the hour likes to do and how to make the adults and young
adults enjoy the party together. 

The theme was games. Everywhere you looked were different activities for all ages.

As the adults arrived they enjoyed the first hour having some yummy appetizers made by
Farmington Gardens.

Board Game-themed Bar Mitzvah Party

While enjoying a nibble or maybe a drink the guests could play a few games.

Bistro tables were adorned with all sorts of games for party goers to play.  

Whether it was the popular children’s game Connect 4…

Or maybe a game you haven’t even heard of.

There were lots for all to do. If coloring was your thing, you could sit down at a table dressed up with
craft paper and create a masterpiece.

Board Game-themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Young adults were invited to the main room for their appetizers and they, too, could partake
in all kinds of games.

There was a giant Jenga game to test your steady hand,

Board Game-themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Foosball for those who enjoy a more active pursuit, 

Board Game-themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Or an oversized Connect 4 game and Strike a Light all brought in my Boppers Events.

Guests could leave a card in the specially made box that looked amazing donning the
Scrabble-esque logo.

Each table was a different board game,

Board Game-themed Bar Mitzvah Party

And the party goers could find their table assignment on giant score pads at the front of the room.

Every game you could think of from past and present was represented as a centerpiece on the
guest tables.

Board Game-themed Bar Mitzvah Party

There was a photo station with a backdrop covered in Eli’s logo to create the perfect memory of
the event.

A mixed-aged trivia game created by the mitzvah boy’s father was a huge hit. And as the guests
left the party they were given a logo’d deck of cards. 

Board Game-themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Well played Eli! Time to Rack-O it up.

Easy! Done! Enjoy!

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