Game Day Super "Bowl" Containers
  I like to be creative when it comes to celebrating various holidays and I always try to make something on my own.  I came up with this idea of making  Super Bowl themed containers out of mini popcorn boxes.  Besides popcorn, these can be used for almost anything like […]

Game Day Super “Bowl” Containers

Candy Corn Candle Centerpiece
    My favorite season is the fall. There is nothing more beautiful than living in New England this time of year. Besides getting excited for all of the yummy food this season brings it also means my favorite holiday, Halloween, is around the corner. I am starting early this year […]

Easy Candy Corn Candle Centerpiece

bath bomb in the shape of Easter eggs
We are crazy for bath bombs in this house.  One of our favorite places to visit is Lush for its great selection of bath bombs.  I found all of these different Easter Egg molds and thought it would be a cute idea to make bath bombs in the shape of Easter eggs. […]

Home-Made Easter Egg Shaped Bath Bombs

I think for New Year’s Eve it is always good to sparkle. I made these decorative stir sticks which will help bring a little glitter to your party.     What you’ll need: hole puncher decorative straws lollipop sticks gold glitter sticker tags     Let’s get started: Step 1: […]

New Year’s Eve Stir Sticks

I am always trying to make my table for any holiday get together look beautiful.  Here is an easy inexpensive DIY project to make napkin rings perfect for your seasonal gathering.  All you need is toilet paper rolls, decorative ribbon and glue.  You can use any ribbon to match your holiday color scheme. Today I am doing a […]

Holiday Jingle Bell Napkin Rings

  What you’ll need: newspaper pumpkins spray paint mini circle stickers     Let’s get started: Step 1: Wash pumpkins and dry completely     Step 2: Put newspaper on outdoor table and spray pumpkins completely (spray one side, dry and flip over to spray the other side)   Step 3: […]

Glamor Polka Dot Pumpkins

  What you’ll need: 2 mini orange pumpkins sharp knife spider rings scissors 2 tall white candles hot glue gun     Let’s get started:     Step 1: Wash pumpkins and cut small hole all the way through where the stem is, big enough to hold each candle securely. […]

Halloween Spider Candles

  What you’ll need: mini white pumpkins white liquid chalk marker chalkboard picks scissors knife glue stick black ribbon     Let’s get started: Step 1: Wash pumpkins and cut small hole big enough to fit stick.     Step 2: Make sure sticks are the right length (cut if […]

Chalkboard Mini White Pumpkin Place Cards

  Autumn is my favorite season. In New England it is so beautiful as the leaves begin to change color. I love to decorate with pumpkins inside and outside my house and not just for Halloween.     Line the fence near the road with little pumpkins.     Leave […]

Decorating with Pumpkins Inside and Out

  As it’s almost time for the kids to go back to school that means it’s time to get organized. My boys have the annoying habit of finishing a box of cookies or cereal and leaving the empty container in the cupboard. No worries, I have a solution: buy clear […]

Organizing the Kitchen Pantry

  I love using gel beads any chance I get. I have come up with a great way to decorate for July 4th using different-sized mason jars, red, white (clear) and blue gel beads, candles and LED lights. Red, white and blue candles and centerpieces are perfect for any July 4th celebration.     What you’ll need: red, clear […]

July 4th Centerpieces and Candles

  What You’ll Need: jute (string) variety of potted flowers potting soil colorful metal colanders     Let’s Get Started: Step 1: Pick out the colanders you want to use     Step 2: Put flowers in colanders and add extra soil     Step 3: Cut long pieces of […]

Colorful Colander Hanging Plants

  What you’ll need: a big pot potting soil a variety of herbs mini chalkboard signs and chalk pen to label each herb Let’s get started: Step 1: Fill pot with planting soil.     Step 2: Label each mini chalkboard sign.     Step 3: Remove the herbs from […]

Deck Herb Garden

cranberry artichoke centerpiece
  What you’ll need: 3 equal sized clear glass containers (or 1 long, low, rectangular clear glass container) 3 large fresh artichokes fresh cranberries (enough to fill containers close to the top) Let’s get started: Step 1: Fill three equal sized glass containers.     Step 2: Wash artichokes and […]

Cranberry-Artichoke Thanksgiving Centerpiece

  What you’ll need: mini pumpkins paper tags black marker jute (string) glittered fake leaves from a craft store (or real leaves)     Let’s get started: Step 1: Cut leaf off fake flowers and place on plate. Step 2: Write name on tag in black marker.     Step […]

Thanksgiving Mini Pumpkin Place Card