Home-Made Easter Egg Shaped Bath Bombs

bath bomb in the shape of Easter eggs

We are crazy for bath bombs in this house.  One of our favorite places to visit is Lush for its great
selection of bath bombs.  I found all of these different Easter Egg molds and thought it would be a
cute idea to make bath bombs in the shape of Easter eggs.

bath bomb in the shape of Easter eggs

What you’ll need:

16 tablespoons baking soda
8 tablespoons citric acid
8 tablespoons corn starch
8 tablespoons sea salts (or mineral salts)
2 teaspoons fragrance oil
2 1/2 teaspoons canola oil
food coloring
spray bottle

Ingredients for Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Get various Easter egg shaped molds found at your local craft store.

egg molds

Let’s get started:
Blend dry ingredients in large glass bowl with whisk.

blending dry ingredients for Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Slowly pour in fragrance oil and canola oil, trying not to have large clumps of liquid.

add color and fragrance

Add water and desired food coloring to spray bottle. Slowly spray colored water into powdered
mixture trying not to make the mixture bubble. Keep adding water mixture until you reach the
desired color. The mixture should feel like wet sand.

packing Easter egg mold for Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Once your mixture is ready quickly add it to your molds, packing in as much as possible.

Filling Easter egg mold for Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Don’t leave them in the molds very long. Tap them out gently and leave to dry. This batch
made four eggs.

Drying Easter egg bath bombs

When you are ready to use them just pop them in the tub and watch the magic.

Home-Made Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Easy! Done! Enjoy!

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