Sophie’s Sparkle-Themed Bat Mitzvah

Sparkle Themed Bat Mitzah

Sparkle Themed Bat Mitzvah Party
(photo credit by the great Justin Schwalbendorf from Get the Picture Productions)

To make a giant gym filled with over 200 people look like a purple and pink Sparkle-Themed
Bat Mitzvah party is no easy task but I did my best to make it happen by incorporating a few
different elements. I used lots of up-lighting to create a mood and to hide the gym walls,
lounge furniture to create a night club feel and a dash of sparkle anywhere and everywhere
I could to make the room come alive.

Sparkle Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

As guests arrived they were greeted by balloons marking the entrance way to the party.
When they walked through the entrance door there was a sign in the theme colors reminding
guests whom they were celebrating.

Sparkled Themed Bat Mitzvah

Guests picked up their labelled cake pops indicating their table or lounge seating arrangement.

Sparkle Themed Bat Mitzah
(photo credit by the great the great Justin Schwalbendorf from Get the Picture Productions)

A sign on the place card table helped introduce the party theme.

Sparkle Themed Bat Mitzvah

The adults went to a separate room for cocktail hour where a touch of glitter was all around.
On each table were rhinestones to help make the room sparkle.

Sparkle Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

The kids grabbed some comfy socks so they were ready to dance and play coke and pepsi
without having to wear their uncomfortable party shoes.

Sparkle Themed bat Mitzvah Party

There was a sign-in board for guests to leave a special note to Sophie.

Sparkle Themed Bat Mitzvah

Since the party was in a gym there was plenty of room for two very popular giant inflatables

Sparkle Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

Sophie’s friends had special areas set up with different lounge furniture which helped create
a cool “club” feel. There was Sophie’s ‘Sparkle’, ‘Diamond’, ‘Glitter’ and ‘Sequin’ lounges.

Sarkle Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

The adults had traditional tables with light-up centerpieces featuring a giant “S” for Sophie on each.
The tables were adorned with a little scatter of rhinestones and sparkling lights, highlighting the
theme of the night.

Sparkle Themed Bat Mitzvah

Even that cake had sparkles made by Emily’s Catering Group.

Sparkle Themed Bat Mitzvah
(photo credit by the great Justin Schwalbendorf from Get the Picture Productions)

Of course there were glittering candles for a special candle lighting ceremony.

Sparkle Themed Bat Mitzvah
(photo credit by the great Justin Schwalbendorf from Get the Picture Productions)

The kids and adults were served yummy food throughout the party by Emily’s Catering Group,
but Sophie really wanted Moe’s for the kid’s buffet which was enjoyed by all of her friends.

Sparkle Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

The photo booth had a step and repeat backdrop with a logo made of Sophie’s initials in the
party’s colors of lavender and pink.

Sparkle Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

And as Sophie’s friends left for the evening they were given sweatshirts with the same logo on it.

Sparkle Themed Bat Mitzvah

What a fantastic event. Everyone had a blast and the party sparkled. Mazel Tov Sophie!


Easy! Done! Enjoy!

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