The Perfect Old Fashioned Tea Party for Little Ladies 2

tea & sugar


Having any kind of party needs some kind of planning. Today, I am having a young girl’s Tea Party.
I know many of you are trying to find different fun ideas for birthday parties or just a fantastic way
for your little ones to spend time with friends — why not have a tea party? You can do this in the
dead of winter or choose to have a Garden Tea Party on a beautiful summer day. Any way you do
it, Plan-it Like Vicki.


craft table


As guests arrive get them started on a craft. This is a great way to keep your party goers occupied
while you wait for everyone to arrive. I have set up a craft station of hats that each girl can decorate
to their heart’s content. Once they decorate their very own tea party hat they will be able to wear
them to the tea party and have a little keepsake to take home.


Dress Up Table


Activities are an important element for any child’s party. You have to keep the kids occupied. So
after the hats are all decorated I have another activity planned. I have set up a dress-up station.
The girls can put on their decorated hats and add some more style to their party outfits. Have
various, easy-to-put-on accessories and maybe some white gloves, jewels, fairy wings or tutus.
Many choices for many different looks.




At my parties I like to have a theme and color scheme. For this one I have chosen different
shades of pink and white. I have made centerpieces using mason jars and vases filled with
pink gum balls, chocolates, other pink candies and swirl lollipops. At the end of the party give
the girls some of the candies so nothing is wasted and they will be able to enjoy some of these
colorful sweet goodies.




Don’t forget the tea. I made a pot of decaffeinated tea in a pretty tea pot and have the party
host offer to pour. One lump or two? Besides the tea have milk and cute little sugar cubes
(or sticks). Each girl should have her own tea cup.



I am trying to make this party look like a real tea party with all of the offerings. Little sandwiches
and bite-sized desserts are perfect for any little girl to enjoy. Have the food displayed on a
separate table so the girls can get up and help themselves to the wonderful treats.


party favors


Besides the cute sun hats, give each guest a wrapped and labeled tea cup with candy taken
from the centerpieces so they can enjoy their own little parties at home.


mini treats


Easy! Done! Enjoy!

Plan-it Vicki is the brainchild of Vicki Ross, an experienced Event Planner located in the
Hartford, Connecticut suburb of Avon. Vicki has created celebrations all over the Connecticut
Valley and as far west as the Litchfield hills and south towards Danbury. She and her staff provide
services for small, intimate dinner parties and large, full-scale events such as weddings and
bar and bat mitzvahs. Vicki can be reached at or by email at:

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