Chutes and Lattes – Game Night

Chutes and Lattes


This amazingly fun gathering is inspired by a great little hangout on Bloor St West in Toronto called
Snakes and Lattes. I have taken the general premise of the place and brought it inside so that your
family and friends can get out of the winter cold and enjoy a fun night of games in front of the fire.
It’s time for “Chutes and Lattes”.


veggies and dip


Don’t sweat the food. This is not some fancy dinner party you have been preparing for days. It is a
time to relax with family and friends and enjoy playing some board games, having a drink, and eating
some yummy snacks. Unwind, unplug and relax.




Invite friends over after dinner so all you have to worry about serving are snack foods and drinks.
Have an arrangement of salty and sweet treats easy to eat while you are playing a game. Have bowls
and platters all set up and ready to go before your guests arrive. You can even make some themed
treats and decor to go with the games like Scrabble cookies or Domino brownies.


Domino Brownies


Have a mixture of drinks that will make all your guests happy. You can have some beer or wine
or lattes for the adults and some yummy hot chocolate or hot cider for the younger set.


Hot Chocolate


Let the games begin. Allow for drink-making, snacking, and mingling as your guests arrive, but as
soon as it looks like everyone’s settled into their cocktail or yummy snacks be assertive about starting
a game. You can have different groups playing different games. If you have invited families with kids,
they can go off and play one game while the adults play another. Or there can be teams set up and
the kids can play against the adults or one family against another or one large game where everyone
plays together. Have many game choices to please all ages and all tastes.




Done! Easy! Enjoy!

Plan-it Vicki is the brainchild of Vicki Ross, an experienced Event Planner located in the
Hartford, Connecticut suburb of Avon. Vicki has created celebrations all over the Connecticut
Valley and as far west as the Litchfield hills and south towards Danbury. She and her staff provide
services for small, intimate dinner parties and large, full-scale events such as weddings and
bar and bat mitzvahs. Vicki can be reached at or by email at:


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